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See How to Deliver the Right Product for Each Customer

Broadcasted Feb 2022

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Most sellers are challenged with recommending to customers the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

This video showcases Sales Optimizer, a SaaS sales optimization solution, which extracts insights from a company's available data via AI and Machine Learning algorithms.  Like all Vendavo offerings, it is tuned for B2B commerce. This one is completely configurable, no coding or data scientists needed.

Just register and see how Sales Optimizer makes the selling and pricing process easier!

Featured Speaker

David Anderson

Vice President, Business Consulting, Vendavo

David Anderson is the Boston-based leader of the NA Business Consulting team at Vendavo. Since 2001 he has led and consulted on pricing & commercial process transformation at some of the world’s largest companies. After joining Vendavo in 2016, he has specialized on driving value & outcomes with Vendavo’s high tech, medical device, and process industry customers. Dave is a manufacturing process engineer by training (BS, MSE from Kettering, Purdue), and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.




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