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AI-Driven Pricing Segmentation for B2B Profitability

Original Broadcast Date: 8/5/20

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In terms of segmentation what can we expect from AI?

We know that one price does not fit all, because all transactions are not equal. Customers are different with differentiated willingness-to-pay depending on the context, e.g. geographies, end-uses, etc. A uniform price in the business will leave money on the table with uncaptured customer surplus. Similarly, a too high price will result in lost business opportunities. Differentiating pricing based on willingness-to-pay should be the goal of pricing segmentation.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Six expectations from improved pricing segmentation on profitability

  • AI’s role in the development of customer segmentation

  • A 3-step process for building your iterative cycle

  • A distribution case example achieving a margin uplift, improved customer satisfaction and higher win-rates





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