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Original Broadcast Date: 2/12/2020

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Enhancements in Profitability

In this webcast, Jin Yeoh and Shynu Samuel discuss the latest improvements being made generally available for Vendavo customers with Enterprise Profitability Solutions 10. Starting with a discussion of why B2B commercial excellence solutions are more important for profitability than ever before, you’ll have a chance to review the VEPS solutions and their objectives, new capabilities available in VEPS10, including UI/UX improvements, and new capabilities to enhance and support productive user adoption. You’ll learn about a new option for enhanced support processes along with an overview of new integrations with third party applications, such as Salesforce CRM. To conclude, we’ll review and remind everyone of the VEPS release and support schedule, wrapping up with a live question and answer session with Jin and Shynu.

Join Jin Yeoh, Product Manager for Vendavo EPS, and Shynu Samuel, Principal Solution Architect, as they discuss what this means for your journey to commercial excellence.

Featured Speakers

Jin Yeoh

Product Manager - EPS, Vendavo

Jin Yeoh has 15 years of experience delivering scalable, enterprise CRM and Pricing software solutions from a variety of B2B and B2C clients in chemical, high tech, industrial manufacturing, packaging, automobile, and retail industries. With her experience in pricing and work across multiple industries, she routinely helps clients achieve an increase of 1-2% of sales. She enjoys singing and playing the cajon. She’s a polyglot and is currently adding Czech to her repertoire of languages.

Shynu Samuel

Principal Solutions Architect, Vendavo

Shynu Samuel has over 16 years of experience with solution design and delivery – leading implementation teams as well as hands on experience with designing, developing, testing and managing web based and client/server applications for Fortune 500 companies. Shynu has been with Vendavo for 10 years working closely with customers in designing and implementing Vendavo Pricing solutions to meet their unique pricing needs and challenges.​




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