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It’s the smoothest, most profitable blend imaginable: Deal Price Optimizer combines advanced AI with expert human intelligence to deliver optimal pricing intelligence for your enterprise. 

In this virtual Coffee Talk, we’ll demonstrate how it optimizes win rates, helps you hit enterprise profitability targets, and improves customer experiences with pricing guidance enabled by our patented Vendavo Power & Risk™ algorithm.

Featured Speaker

Dan Cakora

Business Consultant, Vendavo

Dan Cakora is a Chicago-based Business Consultant at Vendavo. He has done “pricing stuff” since 2006, ranging from measuring inflation to implementing pricing software to leading pricing teams, and has even developed new pricing products. Dan has worked in manufacturing, CPG, ecommerce, and B2B distribution. In addition to pricing, he is passionate about data visualization and is happy to chat about charts, graphs, and widgets. Dan is an economist by training (BS, Purdue University) and received his MBA from DePaul University.




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