Maintaining Valuation, Mitigating Inflation: Why Pricing is Your Best Weapon

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Learn how to leverage pricing to battle the impacts of inflation.

We see it in the headlines: The IMF warns that inflation may be an ongoing problem, as increases in producer price indices recur across all OECD countries. In an inflationary environment unlike any in 30 years, what can you do to maintain your company’s valuation and mitigate inflation’s impacts?

In this webinar, led by Vendavo’s Darius Fekete, Business Consultant, and Yekta Yeganeh, Managing Consultant, learn why pricing can be your most potent weapon in meeting that challenge.

What will you learn?

  • How to clearly articulate the danger to company valuation so it resonates across your business leadership functions.
  • Four key mitigation actions that pricing teams can implement to stay ahead of inflation.

Featured Speakers

Darius Fekete

Business Consultant, Vendavo

Darius is a Business Consultant with 12+ years of professional experience in pricing and digital transformations. He is an advocate for elevating commercial excellence to strategic levels in organizations and an expert in building dynamic pricing capabilities in commoditized markets.

Before joining Vendavo, he delivered several complex business transformation initiatives in B2B manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. Darius also worked at Simon-Kucher & Partners advising clients on top-line growth, price optimization and margin improvement initiatives. Darius holds a Masters in International Economic Relations from the Cracow University of Economics in Poland.

Yekta Yeganeh

Managing Consultant, Vendavo

Yekta Joined Vendavo as a management consultant from Mckinsey & Company in May 2013. Today, she is a managing consultant and leads Vendavo Nordic consulting practice.

During her years at Vendavo, she helps our clients meet and exceed their goals by running large-scale international projects across various industries. She has been delivering and managing strategic pricing, implementing pricing software and integration projects; preparing pricing models; conducting pricing analysis; conducting business case (ROI) analysis; providing top-flight customer service; ensuring friction elimination and efficiency improvement of the clients’ business process; and directing readiness and scale operations.

Yekta’s current role as Managing consultant has her maintaining senior-level oversight of project management and overall delivery, acting as the design authority and offering inputs into and validates all deliverables, and providing a project-level point of escalation.




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