The Dawn of CPQ

Recorded on July 18, 2017

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Configure. Price. Quote. CPQ may have an alphabetical order, but organizations are not prioritizing them as such. Configure and Quote traditionally gain precedent over Price— which has often been a quick pull from a pre-existing list. But times are changing.

The speed of business has increased and data-based insights are plentiful. In B2B e-commerce, this is no different. Gartner predicts that by 2018, 40% of B2B digital commerce sites will use price optimization algorithms and CPQ tools to price dynamically.

The market is ready for the dawn of intelligent CPQ, which is why we are happy to host our latest webcast introducing the newest addition to the CPQ space.

In this webcast, Vendavo CEO Bruno Slosse and Endeavor Commerce CEO Sean Myers will provide additional insight into Vendavo’s acquisition of Endeavor Commerce and how Vendavo’s full suite of price optimization solutions will work in tandem with EndeavorCPQ to provide enhanced margin optimization capabilities.

Learn More About:

  • Vendavo’s acquisition of Endeavor Commerce and what it means to Vendavo customers
  • Endeavor Commerce and the EndeavorCPQ solution
  • Plans to deliver the next generation of Intelligent CPQ solutions

Featured Speakers

Bruno Slosse

President and CEO

Bruno Slosse brings more than 25 years in technology experience to Vendavo, including a strong track record in growing companies, expanding their global reach and broadening their product offering.

Most recently, he served as President of Ascend Learning’s Clinical Health Division, a prominent provider of technology-based content solutions. Prior to Ascend, Slosse served as General Manager of Cerner Europe, a leading information technology firm, where he led the expansion of the European division from a few clients to several hundred across seven countries in over a decade.

He is fluent in Dutch, French, German and English. Bruno graduated with Honors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University Ghent, Belgium.

Sean Myers

CEO, Endeavor Commerce

After years of leading sales teams in the technology space, Sean started Endeavor in 2000 to help companies make the complex sale simple.

Endeavor has brought numerous CPQ products to market over the years including SmartCatalog, and its latest SaaS offering, EndeavorCPQ. Sean and his team thrive on helping sales organizations hit their revenue and profit quotas with adoption of best practices and CPQ technology.

Today, Endeavor helps thousands of sales teams around the globe simplify sales by creating perfect quotes and professional proposals from anywhere and on any device.




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