3 Ways Distributors Take Back Control of Their Pricing

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It's time to take back control of your pricing process

In the modern digital economy, customer expectations have begun a pivotal shift to mimic B2C buying experiences when conducting business on the largest enterprise scale. Mining opportunities for margin improvement across millions of transactions, hundreds if not thousands of customers and even more product SKUs can be overwhelming and disorienting.

This is exactly why Vendavo has produced our latest whitepaper, 3 Ways Distributors Take Back Price Control. Pick up your free copy to help navigate the tumultuous waters of regaining control over your pricing and maximizing every margin moment.

What You Get:

  • Best Practices to Set the Right Price
  • Five Warning Signs you've Lost Control
  • 3 Ways to Take Back Control
  • Product Revenue Class Assessment Best Practices
  • Coefficient of Variation Analysis Best Practices




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