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From the Back End to the Front Line: 
Drive Profit Every Step of the Way

Are you driving profit across your enterprise? Join Dan Showalter, retired Director of Pricing at The Dow Chemical Company, and Dan Bormolini, Senior Pricing Consultant at Vendavo, to learn how you can:

  • Drive more profit into each deal
  • Strategically grow enterprise’s revenue
  • Leverage analytics to drive discipline in managing prices


June 26, 8:30am PST – 45min

Taking Pricing Analytics
to the Next Level:
A Customer Experience

Are you getting the most out of your Big Data? Hear how our valued customers are making the most out of their pricing analytics solutions and the power of SAP HANA has taken profit analytics to unprecedented levels of speed and performance.

Webinar Replay

Ever wonder why you are not getting more out of your pricing analytics tools? Are you finding the adoption of new (or even old) analytics solutions challenging? Watch this replay to learn best practices for establishing a successful pricing analytics strategy and how the latest technology can help you identify profit in your organization. Watch here.

Less Pain, More Profit: The Future of Pricing Analytics & Profit Discovery

JUNE 12 8.30am PT 45 min

Dan Bormolini is a business consultant at Vendavo with 10+ years of experience in pricing in both process industries and discreet manufacturing. Dan has an additional 8 years of enterprise software experience where he has worked on enterprise price and margin management as well as with discreet manufacturers and distributor networks, streamlining complex channel environments.

Less Guesswork Means More Profit! A Radical Approach to Price Optimization

“Am I pricing my products competitively?” Pricing optimization is a game changer when you have the right strategy and tools. Watch this webinar replay and learn the secret sauce for determining optimal target prices to win deals and grow revenue. Watch here.

Dan Showalter is a pricing industry veteran, most recently served as an Associate Director of Pricing at The Dow Chemical Company. Dan graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha and brings more than 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing at the Dow Chemical Company before joining the Pricing team.