Different customers value your products differently. Are you pricing to value while capturing a portion of that delivered value as profit?

Sealed Air (NYSE:SEE) is a leading packaging manufacturer. Not only does Sealed Air sell commodity bubble wrap – they sell value, which transformed the way they price. Elizabeth Timko, pricing expert from the Center of Excellence at Sealed Air will share strategies and best practices for shifting from a cost-driven approach to a highly accurate value-based pricing guidance that drives profitability gains. You'll learn:

  • How to leverage historical transaction data as a proxy for market value
  • How to set accurate list prices, targets and floors to control unnecessary variability
  • Ways to improve accuracy by augmenting data analysis with business context and expertise

Watch this webinar to discover insights on transitioning from a cost-plus to value-based pricing strategy.

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Elizabeth Timko, Value Realization Program Manager, Sealed Air Corporation

Elizabeth Timko works globally across all businesses in Sealed Air Corporation’s Price and Margin Management Center of Excellence. Elizabeth drives the transformation of price-to-value and enhanced pricing guidance, leveraging the Vendavo product suite. She guides the businesses in customer segmentation based on behavior and willingness to pay, supporting the new strategy for how Sealed Air globally views customers. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with an MBA in International Business and a BS in Computer Science.