How Agility Unlocks Growth + Profitability

Thursday, March 24 at 3 PM PT / 4 PM MT / 5 PM CT / 6 PM ET

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In a period of volatility, high inflation, and uncertainty, companies must adapt to rapid changes in markets. Pricing and selling agility is critical to not just surviving the unknown but to surpassing the competition.

This is a virtual event that you can join from the comfort of your home. While sipping whiskey, hear from our experts, and get answers on how you can be agile to optimize B2B pricing and sales effectiveness, leading to further growth + profitability.

The whiskey - free to you - will be delivered before the event.

This event is reserved exclusively for executives.

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Featured Speakers

David Anderson

Vice President, Business Consulting, Vendavo

David Anderson is the Boston-based leader of the NA Business Consulting team at Vendavo. Since 2001 he has led and consulted on pricing & commercial process transformation at some of the world’s largest companies. After joining Vendavo in 2016, he has specialized on driving value & outcomes with Vendavo’s high tech, medical device, and process industry customers. Dave is a manufacturing process engineer by training (BS, MSE from Kettering, Purdue), and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Brian Shue


Brian is trained in Culinary Arts, and followed his path of learning to Paris, attending school there while cooking in a Parisian Gastropub.

Brian has made his career in many facets of the food and beverage world. He enjoys conversing about spirits and how they connect our world. He collects spirits of all types; intrigued by their taste, their methods, their story, and thought of the passion it took to make each one.




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