The Secrets to Successful Pricing: A Customer Panel

Every company takes a slightly different path to improved pricing performance. Some dive in headfirst, while others take a more measured approach. But, what are the critical steps every company should follow for success?

Watch this webinar to hear speakers from Eastman, Emerson, and DuPont discuss how they accelerated their pricing maturity and what consistent patterns in people, processes, and systems can take your pricing practice to a world-class level. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices around optimizing the structure of your pricing organization
  • Ways to achieve discipline and speed in your pricing processes
  • How to get your business to buy into and utilize new pricing systems

Watch this webinar to learn tips on how to accelerate your pricing maturity.

Watch the Webinar


Joanne Smith, Author and President of Price to Profits Consulting

Joanne is former DuPont Corporate Head of Marketing and Pricing. She led the change management efforts that transformed DuPont from weak to outstanding pricing performance. During her career, she has also successfully led major change initiatives in marketing, customer loyalty and Six Sigma. Joanne now works with other companies to help them accelerate their pricing performance and competency.

Robert Smith, Director of Corporate Pricing, Eastman

Robert D. Smith is Director of Corporate Pricing for Eastman Chemical Company. He also serves as the leader of Eastman Chemical’s Pricing Council, a cross-business and functional team dedicated to improving margin performance and pricing processes. Since joining Eastman in 1978, Robert has served in a variety of roles, including manufacturing, research & development, purchasing, licensing, corporate development, and business management.

Susan Long, Director of Commercial Operations, Power & Water Solutions Business, Emerson

Susan Long is the Director of Commercial Operations for the Power & Water Solutions Business of Emerson Process Management, a global leader in providing advanced distributed process control systems and services to the power generation and water treatment industries. In this position, Susan has responsibility for global pricing and segmentation strategies, orders analysis, and contract negotiations along with a number of sales-related functions including demand planning and order entry.