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Buyer's Kit:
Pricing Solutions

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Pricing is the #1 profitability lever any organization can leverage when analyzing their business processes. If you’re embarking on a commercial excellence journey and are focused on price optimization and management submit your information for access to assets in this kit for everything you need to gain a deeper understanding of the market landscape, ask the right questions when evaluating vendors, and pinpoint focus areas for your team.

What is available:

  • Analyst Report from IDC Worldwide B2B Price Optimization Applications MarketScape
  • Customer success stories from 4 companies to illustrate how large, global organizations are revealing the value and positive outcomes of intelligent, dynamic pricing management and optimization
  • eBooks on topics like why pricing solutions are needed, the importance of cross-functional pricing alignment in your organization, how to map pricing factors into your continued growth and successes
  • ROI Calculator w/ complimentary results PDF tailored to your organizational details with expected value given a pricing solution
  • Pricing Guidance Maturity Model helps you assess where your organization is thriving today and sharing steps to help you get to where you ideally want to be
  • Business Case PPT Template to help you build your case for a world-class pricing management solution




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