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Leaving Money on the Table

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How Manufacturing Companies Lose Profit Without Realizing It

Manufacturing companies must walk a delicate pricing tightrope. It’s an industry where many products are built to specification and stability is king.

As a result, organizations would rather stick with the steadiness cost-plus pricing rather than risk struggling with variable pricing--even if it could potentially take their business to the next level.

In this white paper from the price optimization experts at Vendavo, learn the factors behind this issue.  And measures you can take to avoid leaving "money on the table."

What You Get:

  • The telltale signs that you’re bleeding profits through adhering to the status quo
  • Learn why proper pricing practice is as important to your bottom line as Lean principles are to running your plants
  • Why the processes that made your first several hundred million in revenue are now the very things holding you back
  • How to achieve gains without any substantial changes to your business model




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