As digitalization continues to transform B2B commerce, large enterprises need a way to bring speed, effectiveness, and robust sophistication to their commercial processes.

Join Jin Yeoh, Product Manager for Vendavo EPS, and Dan Bormolini, Vice President of Customer Success as they discuss what this means for your journey to commercial excellence.



Jin Yeoh  |  Product Manager, Vendavo EPS

Jin Yeoh has 15 years of experience delivering scalable, enterprise CRM and Pricing software solutions from a variety of B2B and B2C clients in chemical, high tech, industrial manufacturing, packaging, automobile, and retail industries. With her experience in pricing and work across multiple industries, she routinely helps clients achieve an increase of 1-2% of sales. She enjoys singing and playing the cajon. She’s a polyglot and is currently adding Czech to her repertoire of languages.

Dan Bormolini  |  Vice President, Customer Success, Vendavo

Dan Bormolini has been with Vendavo for 13 years, currently in the role of Vice President of Customer Success.  Dan is responsible for ensuring Vendavo’s customers are fully realizing the benefits of their Vendavo investment.   Dan has spent 15 years in pricing working closely with customers in process and discrete manufacturing, distribution, packaging, service parts, and consumer product on pricing best practices, pricing strategy and pricing organization recommendation to develop best-in-class pricing organizations.