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Intelligent CPQ for Commercial Agility and Digital Commerce

Original Broadcast Date: 09/02/2020

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CPQ Enhancements for Commercial Agility

An integral part of the quote-to-cash business process, Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) Application suites enable the enterprise to maximize profit and win more deals with every quote. VendavoIntelligent CPQ is a SaaS solution that helps B2B organizations coordinate, control, and streamline their quote-to-cash processes by making sure sales teams have the right product, for the right customer, at the right price for every situation. 

To help companies better meet rising customer expectations and make improvements to their bottom-line profitability, we’re excited to announce new enhancements to Vendavo Intelligent CPQ that further empower sales teams.

Join Mitch Lee and Jordan Hahn as they walk through 6 key enterprise-focused CPQ capabilities, including a live demo, that will improve productivity and boost your bottom line.

What We'll Cover:

  • Price agreements 2.0 delivers additional negotiation tools, including administration by deal types and product, hierarchy selection/family discounting at runtime, line item date splicing, and volume/tiered discounting capabilities.
  • Custom entities in CPQ allow additional information into your CPQ environment, such as shipping locations and freight calculations, which can be stored and used beyond customer properties and sync + load records from an external source and queries against custom table data.
  • Enterprise-grade integration with SAP Sales Cloud and enterprise extensibility with continuous API development. This is in addition to the existing integrations for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and Infor.
  • Expanded visualization experiences embedded in the entire quoting process, from a worldwide partnership with ThreeKit, a leader in 3D and augmented reality visualization capabilities. 

Featured Speakers

Jordan Hahn

Senior Product Manager, Vendavo

Jordan is responsible for product management at Vendavo Intelligent CPQ, using pricing and sales enablement experience gained in industry and academic research to drive strategy and innovation for Commercial Excellence. Prior to Vendavo, he worked in product management and strategy consulting for telecom, managed services, and B2B software-as-a-service solutions, spanning the product lifecycle from startups and new product launches to legacy product retirements. 

Mitch Lee

Profit Evangelist, Vendavo

Mitch is a Profit Evangelist at Vendavo with 25+ years of experience in the technical, operational, marketing, and commercial arenas of the chemical industry. Prior to Vendavo, Mitch was with BASF and Orica in product marketing and business management, driving operational optimization, pricing excellence, and margin improvement, as well as personal engagement in high value sales negotiations. Mitch also has deep experience with raw materials supplier portfolio management having negotiated large scale and long-term agreements with leading suppliers.




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