Pricing Best Practices in Chemicals

In the process industries, pricing must be a core organizational competency. Enhancing your organization’s pricing competency is no longer the hobby of early-adopters. Improving the pricing competency, effectively competing on analytics, is now an issue of staying competitive with your peers.

This webinar will focus on some of the core best practices in pricing in the process industries, with particular emphasis on chemicals. Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • How to manage service costs
  • Ways to improve negotiation outcomes with intelligent price guidelines
  • Strategies to improve price increase realization
  • Best practices in volume-based pricing
  • Ways to effectively classify and segment customers

Watch this webinar to discover how to get started and gradually move your organization up the pricing competency curve.

Watch the Webinar


Alex Hoff

Alex joined Vendavo six years ago and works with our customers to help them drive value through price & margin management improvements. Prior to joining Vendavo, Alex spent most of his career in various product marketing and pricing roles for Fortune 500 companies in both B2C and B2B industries.