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Introducing: Vendavo Deal Price Guidance

Original Broadcast Date: 4/23/2019

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Get the competitive edge in every deal, configured in as little as 24 hours. 

As digitalization continues to transform B2B commerce, companies increasingly need a way to easily identify the right price for every quoting situation in order to improve win rates, customer experience, and financial performance. Vendavo® Deal Price Guidance (VDPG) is the only solution that enables your organization to shift out of static, manual, spreadsheet-supported pricing processes, into automated, AI enabled pricing intelligence, configured in as little as 24 hours.

Join Alex Hoff, VP of Product Management and Marketing, and Rob Verboom, Principal Product Manager for an overview and demo of core capabilities for VDPG including intelligent segmentation, custom business rules, seamless integration and more. Register now for our worldwide public announcement webcast and demo on April 23.

As with any change, even as an organization that routinely delivers projects and changes for others, we still learned a lot from our own implementation project. We’ll talk about these key lessons learned from change management to final implementation and beyond, so you can apply these learnings in your own commercial excellence projects. We will also share our early results and progress made in improving our sales productivity and customer experience.

We look forward to sharing our lessons learned with all of you.

Featured Speakers

Rob Verboom

Principal Product Manager, Commercial Intelligence, Vendavo

Rob is Product Manager at Vendavo, responsible for developing Intelligent Cloud solutions. His experience includes 5 years implementing Vendavo solutions with some of most challenging fortune 500 clients. Prior to Vendavo, Rob was with Linde Gas and Shell in a broad range of roles spanning operational research, business development, sales, product management, information management, and price management. Rob also has deep experience with business process improvement and developing enterprise architectures, connection people, systems and processes. His lives by Leonardo da Vinci’s mantra: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Alex Hoff

VP Product Management & Marketing, Vendavo

As a VP of Product Management & Marketing with Vendavo, Alex brings enterprise software solutions to market that enable B2B corporations to operationalize their commercial excellence strategies. Alex has been with Vendavo in various roles for over ten years, working with customers in industrial manufacturing, process industry, consumer product manufacturing and business services. Prior to working for Vendavo, Alex worked in various marketing and pricing roles for Fortune 500 companies in transportation, retail/consumer goods and business services.




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