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Price Control 101: for Chemical Companies

Original Broadcast Date: 9/16/2020

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3 Best Practices to Start Using Today

Are you still trusting multiple spreadsheets and data dumps to try to find out what has happened to your pricing and how that has impacted your profitability across segments, products, and geos? Are your sales reps and product managers spending all of their bandwidth trying to explain what happened instead of deciding what will improve the business?

Join Mitch Lee, profit evangelist for Vendavo with more than 20yrs experience in the chemicals industry, for our upcoming webcast: Price Control 101. Mitch will detail 3 best practices that successful chemical companies use every day to effectively control prices and improve margins.

When volatility hits your sectors, or disruption looms for your segments, you’ll be ready. We’ll highlight some of the tried-and-true tactics you can start employing today, such as:

  • Price Waterfalls: Your definitions and data need to drive your decisions.
  • Costs-to-Serve: Start measuring at the most granular level.
  • Price-Volume-Mix Assessment: Standardize this methodology in order to stay laser-focused on the root causes of revenue or profit changes.




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