Complex Price, Volume, and Mix Analysis Made Simple

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A master barista makes the complex look easy.  With Margin Bridge Analyzer, you’ll do the same, as you automate ‘real-time’ value capture tracking across complex price, sales volume, product mix, and other dynamic market factors like currency fluctuations. 

Listen in on Coffee Talk, as we demonstrate how this powerful price-volume-mix analysis tool provides your finance, accounting, and management teams with impactful and easy-to-consume insights.

Really, Margin Bridge Analyzer can make sophisticated analytics almost as easy as hitting the “brew” button. 

Featured Speaker

Israel Rodrigo

Business Consultant, Vendavo

Israel is a Business Consultant at Vendavo with more than 20 years of progressive international experience in logistics, wholesale distribution, high tech and software industries. Prior to Vendavo, he worked at Deutsche Post DHL and McKesson in several strategic positions, such as controller, EMEA pricing director, management consulting, and leading pricing optimization and digital transformation initiatives.

He holds a BS degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and three children.




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