Taste Tomorrow Today: See Deal Price Optimizer in Action!

June 30, 10 AM CET

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It’s the smoothest, most profitable blend imaginable: Deal Price Optimizer combines advanced AI with expert human intelligence to deliver optimal pricing intelligence for your enterprise. 

Join us for this virtual Coffee Talk, where we’ll demonstrate how it optimizes win rates, helps you hit enterprise profitability targets, and improves customer experiences with pricing guidance enabled by our patented Vendavo Power & Risk™ algorithm. 

Register Now ! See how Deal Price Optimizer merges AI efficiency and speed with human insight. And enjoy some coffee on us. 

Featured Speaker

Robert Irwin

SVP, Business Consulting, Vendavo

Robert has worked in the area of Pricing for over 20 years and has spent the last 14 years at Vendavo helping customers to implement and automate their pricing processes, strategies and margin optimisation. Before joining Vendavo, Robert was the Global Director of Pricing at a High-Tech manufacturer where he developed, built and led the Pricing Organisation. He is experienced in leading sales and operations teams in the international business environment and has a proven track record of successfully leading organisations through structural and process change. Robert has an MBA from Wake Forest University and a BA (Hons) in International Business from Sheffield City Polytechnic.  




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