Winning at the Moment of Truth eBook

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B2B selling has changed forever. Buyers are fiercely independent, highly social and connected, and more educated than ever. Deals hinge on the “Moment of Truth;” the quote; the negotiation; the deal that happens on the front line.

Profitability is again king. It is no longer acceptable to grow the top line at the cost of profit.

Imagine if salespeople:

  • Had access to sales history, customer performance, deal metrics, and optimal target prices while in front of the customer?
  • Could easily generate dynamic quotes, knowing exactly how profitable they were?
  • Were armed to confidently defend the pricing and terms, and quickly get special price requests approved?
  • Is your team armed and ready to “take profit to the front lines?”

Download this eBook to discover how you can gain a competitive advantage by arming your Sales team at the “Moment of Truth!”




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