$1 Trillion on the Table: What B2B Companies Stand to Lose Without Price Optimization and Management Solutions, Featuring Mark Thomason, Research Director IDC

Original Broadcast Date: 6/16/2021

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The lack of PO&M over the next five years across Global Fortune 500 B2B firms will add up to nothing less than one trillion dollars in profits left on the table.

How can you ensure your business will optimize profits and maximize margins so your organization isn't missing out on what could potentially amount to millions in profits?

Join Megan MacLean, Senior Vice President, Customer Success at Vendavo, who's helped customers realize millions in profits over the years, and special guest Mark Thomason, Research Director, IDC, as they guide you through useful insights on:

  • How pricing optimization and management solutions built for modern business can help you optimize outcomes and maximize margins.
  • Why companies have not realized or addressed the underlying issues preventing them from maximizing profits, and how COVID exposed the inherent risks of this approach.
  • How much profit a typical company may miss out on over the next five years.
  • Learn how agile optimization can help you respond to the ever-changing commercial landscape.

Featured Speaker

Megan MacLean

Chief Service Officer, Vendavo

Megan MacLean has more than 25 years of industry experience delivering global enterprise solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

As Chief Services Officer, Megan brings her passion for value realization and client success to her longstanding partner and customer relationships.

Prior to Vendavo, Megan held leadership and consulting roles at Exemplary Software and Arthur Andersen, respectively. Megan holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Featured Speaker

Mark Thomason

Research Director, IDC

Mark Thomason is Research Director for IDC responsible for Digital Business Models and Monetization practice.

Mr. Thomason’s research coverage examines traditional and emerging monetization models for digital products and services, identifies disruptive business models and technologies.




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