Managing & Analyzing Channel Incentives to Drive Business Goals


Buyers today get much of their pricing information online and come into a negotiation with prior information of a company’s prices across channels as well as those of their competitors. As a result, companies increasingly want to differentiate their channel prices by providing incentives on the back end of the order to cash process. However incentive programs can be difficult to manage and if they’re not systematically organized, they can result in unhappy customers and partners, and millions in lost revenue and margins.

In this webinar, you will get specific guidance on how to:
  • Launch new incentive programs and communicate them to Sales
  • Create deal-specific incentives and getting them approved along with the quote
  • Assess the impact of the incentives on deal margins
  • Analyze which programs are more effective in driving business goals
  • Track if customers or partners have attained all the criteria for an incentive payout

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Webinar Detail

Recorded Date:
April 27, 2017
10:00 am PT | 1:00 pm ET
45 minutes including live Q&A


Sanjoy Chatterji, Founder and CEO, Entomo

Sanjoy Chatterji has over 25 years of technology and supply chain expertise. He is a thought leader in the Channel Revenue Management space. He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has authored articles in many publications. Over the past decade at Entomo, Sanjoy has developed a new vision for channel management and channel incentives as the business landscape has hurtled towards the digital economy. By studying the channel management practices at over 100 of the Global 5000 companies, he was able to gain a depth of understanding that is reflected today in Entomo's SaaS solution and best practice analyst services. Earlier in his career, Sanjoy worked in technology, marketing, manufacturing and supply chain roles with multinationals like Philips Electronics, IBM, Motorola, Apple and startups like PowerOpen and Sequoia Systems. His work at these companies included developing and bringing to market several generations of high-end medical imaging systems and high availability big data transaction processing systems for which he received multiple patents. Sanjoy previously served on the Computer Systems and Software Advisory Board of the Washington Technology Council.

Dan Bormolini, VP, BD & Customer Strategy, Vendavo

Dan has over 9 years of practical experience in pricing in both process industries and discreet manufacturing, including global pricing challenges while managing export pricing at Smurfit Mexico (now SmurfitKappa). In addition to pricing, Dan has lead lean manufacturing initiatives focusing on inventory rationalization and mill asset cash contribution per hour (CCH) improvements. Dan has an additional 7 years of enterprise software experience where he has worked with discrete manufacturers and their distributor networks, streamlining complex channel environments and most recently in enterprise price and margin management. Specific areas of pricing experience include best practices in rebate and discount management in complex channel environments, price optimization in configured products, transactional price optimization, and reducing channel pricing conflicts.